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NXBURST Rock and Reinforced Concrete Removal

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Reuten Construction - Rock Removal

Reuten Construction - Rock Removal
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Reuten Construction - Rock Removal

Reuten Construction - Rock Removal

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Reuten Construction - Nxburst Rock Removal

Reuten Construction - Nxburst Rock Removal

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How Nxburst™ Works

When a cartridge is ignited, its non-detonating contents react very quickly producing a harmless high gas pressure, consisting of many nitrogen, carbon dioxide and steam. When sealed into a hole this gas then works into micro fractures from drilling and any naturally occurring cracks. Under the tensile forces of the gas the cracks widen and the rock splits or breaks apart. The remaining gases vent and the reaction rate drops right back as the pressure drops. This avoids a blast wave throwing materials about.

Nxburst™ Benefits


Nxburst™ does not produce noxious gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrous. It produces no shockwave, very low ground vibration, little noise, and minimal flyrock. The small amounts of flyrock, usually flying chips, produced can be eliminated by wrapping with mats. This allows for very little, if any, disruption to sensitive ecosystems and existing infrastructure. 

  • Faster, cleaner and more efficient

  • Limited flyrock

  • Fewer vibrations

  • Less dust

  • No schockwaves

  • Quieter

  • Suitable for hard-to-reach places

  • Suitable for use underwater

  • Suitable for confined spaces

  • Suitable for close proximity to other infrastructure

  • Suitable for sensitive ecosystems



Nxburst™, making your rock and concrete breaking quieter, easier and more economical.

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